This is inside of the overhead cabinet, showing the radio.This is the cabinet ready for use.
Here we see the interior of the cabinet above the dinette as it was when purchased. The radio is not protected nor the wires so I installed a steped protection for both. The lower section is held in by screws, to allow access, if needed.

I also put in a vertical divider in the center, between the two access doors, thus making this two separate cabinets. I still need to get a light to put under the cabinet for use at the table to read or do other activities at night. I will get a florescent light and tap into the power where it is accessable to the radio. I did drill a hole through the bottom behind the radio to put wires through to get to the light. The cabinet has a double bottom so there is space between the to for those wires.

We are taking the day off tomorrow to go to a wildlife program with neighbors and later to mow the lawn. The next project is to do some work on the closet just inside of the entry door.