I first subscribed to this magazine more than a year before we left the house to begin our adventure. I did so in order to gain some feeling of how difficult or how easy it might be to find locations for volunteer positions, as well as a means of learning about the paid positions available also, just in case we should need to increase our income. It proved to have been very helpful and we continue to be subscribers to this day.

The magazine is published on each odd month of the year and is mostly filled with advertising by organizations that wish to attract RVers to fill positions. The majority of such positions are paid, seasonal employment but there are many agencies and charitable organizations who also use this service. While there are internet sites for many of those who seek volunteers, many of the most unique such positions are with organizations who have no other way for potential volunteers to find them. Most issues also have some adds for positions of longer periods with some permanent, long term. The advertisements which are placed in the magazine are listed by state to aid in locating a position in the area of interest. In addition, subscribers may also advertise for positions and singles can also place an ad for someone to share RV expenses. They also have a place for subscribers to post a resume which many employers look through when seeking to fill positions. This feature is used mostly by employers with paid positions.

Each issue of the magazine also has stories about featured job positions or types of position and  articles to help new work-campers in finding a good position, writing resumes, and related subjects. They also hold annual contests for employer and workamper of the year.

The magazine has both a paper version which is mailed to each subscriber and also an electronic version which the subscriber can either read on-line or down-load to his computer in .pdf format and then read at your leisure. A major advantage to the electronic subscription is the fact that those subscribers also receive postings of new positions on an electronic "hot line," nearly every day. These "hot line" ads are sent out each work day of the year, except in the case when there are no newly posted positions. The hotline positions are ones that are looking to fill the positions very quickly and are usually immediate.

The cost of this service is very reasonable, but I suggest that you check for yourself, as the price does change at times. In the nearly fifteen years that I have been a subscriber, the price has only risen from $25/year to a current cost of $33/year for the basic magazine, with the Plus edition that includes the hotline now at $48/year. The plus edition was not available when I first joined.

Info about Workamper

The best way to really understand what the magazine really is and how the hotline works is to see one  issue of each.  You can open this Preview issue of Workamper News magazine provided by permission from Workamper News, Inc.” and see exactly what you receive each month.  For an example of what you receive in a "hotline" by email from the plus subscriptions, check out this sample.  If you have any questions at all about the subscription or the services which Workamper News has provided to us in the past, feel free to contact by by email.

There is a special page for starting a subscription. (This will open a new window.) When you get to the form you will need to supply my Concierge number which is: wood0679.

While I strongly endorse and recommend this publication,it is only fair to let you know that I do receive a referral fee for anyone who subscribes with a paid subscription.