Ft. Knox, Kentucky

The Patton Museum

The Patton Museum at Ft. Knox is well worth the time for anyone who has an interest in military history or in military hardware. It is no doubt the finest collection of armor in the US, if not in the world. But it is also a memorial to those who have served this country in armored units, or in support of these units.

Sign at the entry to the memorial park, outside the museum. The field of memorials, which is several acres in size.

There are several displays of equipment and used by and belongings of General George S. Patton Jr. as well as a great video about his life. The video does run about an hour long, so many do not choose to watch it all, but if you do it is very well done.

Truck mounted command center used by Patton in WW2. World War one tank like Patton helped to develop into the modern US armor. Pistol and other personal items from General Patton.

Since Ft. Knox is the home to all armor training today and Gen. Patton played a major role in the development of it and of the tactics of it's use, this museum devotes the greatest amount of space to dispays of armor, from the very early to the modern.

World War 1 tank. Proto-type tank, between wars and never used. Indoor display of antique armor.

Another early tank from between the world wars. Japanese tank from world war two. An old tank retriever.

Light tank from years gone by. Field display of armored vehicles from world war two to Vietnam.

There are also tanks displayed from more recent times, including tanks from both sides of Operation Desert Storm.And there is also a small display as a memorial to the divided Germany that was the result of World War Two and to the end of that conflict when the infamous wall in Berlin came down.

A captured Iraqui tank form Desert Storm. The M-1 Abrams tank that is in use today. Sections removed from the Berlin Wall when it came down.