California highway one from Carmel, south to San Simeon is a very scenic road that is worth your time to travel. However, it is very crooked with short steep stretches and extremely short turns. It is not recommended for any but the smallest of RV's. The distance is about 90 miles and the travel time is at least 2 ½ hours, and more if you stop frequently, which is the best way to see the area. Many of the turns require slowing to 35 mph or less. The views are breath taking. Hearst castle at San Simeon is also worth a visit. Allow at least one half day to see it and if you really like grand homes, spend a full day. To visit it, one must buy tour tickets and then ride a bus each way from the visitor's center. There are five different tours of about 45 minutes each. While in the area, take time to stop at Pt. Blanco to see the elephant seals. There is a nice campground at San Simeon St. Park, near both of them.