The RV is back to storage once more.












We have now returned to our home-base and expect to be here for most of the remaining summer, but perhaps with a few trips of only a few days each. The RV is unpacked, the grass is mowed and things are setteled down for the summer!

Our sign.

We are presently spending some time visiting family and friends in Kansas for the Memorial Day weekend. We traveled first to Wichita for a few days and then on to the farm of my aunt.

Family farm near Council Grove, KS.










We got to spend time visiting with my cousins who still live in Kansas as well as some lifelong friends and acquaintances. We also spent some time in visiting the Dwight Cemetery where my parents and grandparents are buried. While there we also looked over the town where I went to 12 grades of school.

Saturday in Dwight, KS.













As busy a little town as this was when I was a boy, today the bank, post office, and an elementry school are the only business activities left, along with two churches.

Last night was a full moon and it was a beautiful evening!

Full moon on the farm.

We stopped only for a few days at Rainbow's End as most of the staff that we had hopOur site at Mission Tejas.ed to see were either out of town, or too busy to see us. We did get to meet one of the members of the internet forum and his wife so it did have some good moments.

Mission Tejas is a beautiful park with a very nice campground with many full hook-up campsites.  There is als free wifi but one does have to go up into the area of the office in order to use it. In addition, the park staOur RV is back in it's nest once more.ff at this park could not be more friendly or helpful to those who visit the park. It is a very quite and peaceful park and there are several interesting hiking & nature trails as well. We also spent several hours at the nearby Caddo Mounds Historic Site which was a major city about 300 years ago.

With the weather threatening to turn bad and home only 80+ miles away, we retruned back to our nest on Thursday. It was a great trip and we had a wonderful time, but it is also good to be back home and among the very good friends we haver here once more.



We had an amazing teResting!st of our new RV on Thursday night and early Friday as the Galveston area experienced winds of 45 mph with gusts over 60 mph! Needless to say we didn't get a lot of sleep with our little trailer rocking and rolling but it did seem to fare pretty well, even though our nerves didn't so great.

Friday the wind finally dropped off and by early afternoon it was a beautiful day, but chilly. Muffin and I took good advantage of that to catch up on the sleep we lost in the windy night!

We have been impressed with the recovery of the area from hurricane Ike, but some things may never be the same. The state park lost several hundred feet of the beach, dunes, and even into the campground. Where there were once three rows of RV sites, today there are only one row per section. We stayed on the by side where the shower house was not yet completely finished from that storm, but it was a pleasant place to spend Our home when we were on the road!a few days.

This morning we slept in and then hooked up and headed north, arriving at Rainbow's End, the Escapee HQ just after noon. We are not sure how long we will stay, but plan to be here several days, then start the treck back toward our home-base.

We are now in Galveston and spent yesterday morning down on the "strand." While we were there, Pam managed to make some new friends too!

Pam is deep in conversation!

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