Today is our day to meet the rest of the park volunteers. We are in a campground that is across the lake from all of the others, so have thus far only met the few who have come over here. We share duties with a summer intern who graduates from college in Dec. and with a part-time seasonal employee who lives just 1/4 mile away. The summer intern is officially in charge but we just work as a team and do our own thing. The seasonal worker does the toilet and shower cleaning on weekends as well as filling in on the two days a week when both the intern and us are off duty. Officially the intern works 40 hours a week but when he has help there are times he really has to make an effort to stay busy all of those hours. The seasonal worker does the cleaning duties except the intern does when she isn't here, and she also takes care of the lodge that belongs to the park between rentals. The lodge is up on a hill above the lake and about a mile from us. That is where we go to do our laundry as well.

We will be leaveing here about noon and have an orientation in the main park 26 miles by land away. We don't have a boat as it would only be a bit more than a mile across the lake. After the meeting is a socail hour and dinner. None of us here have met more than the two bosses and a couple of maintenance workers so it should be a good day.

The main park has a beach, two marinas, four campgrounds comprising nearly 200 sites, camping cabins, a visitor center, park headquarters, and six host sites. Over here we have 20 RV sites and about 3 miles down the park road a horse camp with 11 sites. Things are much more peaceful over here.