After some stops in Kansas to visit friends and family, we arrived at the 54th Escapade of the Escapee's RV Club in Goshen, IN. There were more than 500 RVs there and in spite of some rainy and cold weather, everyone seemed to have a great time. For us things really started off with a bang, as Pam was drawn as one of two winners of $500 in cash door prizes at the opening ceremony!  As a result she was able to get a number of things which were on our wish list but we had not yet made up our minds as to the budget! And it must be pointed out that she was generous to me as well since most was spent on things for our RV which we probably would have done eventually, anyway. Our RV now has all interior lights as LED's, we have very nice new rug on the floor, Pam has several new items of clothing and she had a custom sign made and with it a new really neat hanger for it that we both had seen the day before but were not sure we should spend as much as it cost. We really love it and are now happy that she won and we spent the money and had it done. We really had a memorable time and one that Pam especially will long remember.

If you have never been to an Escapade it is an event that all RV folks should attend at least once or twice and the next one will be held in Mach of 2015 in Tucson!