By popular request, I am going to attempt to get the old travel blog going once more. We are now stopped for the summer at Angostura State Park, near Hot Springs, SD. We host across the lake from the main park in Shep's Canyon Recreation Area. We arrived here on April 23, after having spent time visiting family & friends in Kansas and then attending the Escapade RV rally in Goshen, IN. In route from Goshen we also stopped in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to visit our RVing friends, the Williams.

We had a very busy three weeks on the road and saw some new country for us. We traveled north from Cedar Rapids to I-90 and then west across MN and SD to Rapid City where we turned south to Hot Springs and the park. In route we took a day out at Wall, SD to visit the famous drug store and also the Bad Lands NP. I'll make the discussion of that another entry.