The TV and associated new woodwork is now completed.I have been busy of late doing some work with the maintenance crew here in our community,Completed woodwork under the kitchen drawers. but have also made progress with the new RV. First of all, we completed the modification and installation of the TV mounting and the associated wood work. Next I installed some wood inside of the cabinets under Pam's kitchen drawers to enable use of that space for small item storage.

Of course, all of this also means setting up of new sewer hoses, fresh water fittings and filters, as well as sorting and moving all of the many things from the previous RV to our new, much smaller one. Just like always, we have had to purchase more things than anticipated and we find that we failed to remove a few items from the old motorhome that we had intended to keep! But that is just part of This is the storage as we got the RV.RV living so we move ahead.Here we see the completed cabinet.

My latest project completed was modifying the large cabinet under the kitchen sink, for better use of the space. This involved installing something to prevent things from storing up against the side of the water heater and plumbing, adding a partial shelf to make better use of the tall space and devising some kind of protection for the propane line to the stove top.