We are still moving forward with our preparation of the new RV, but Pam's visit to the hospital did set us back a week or so. In addition we find that having spent somewhat more than planned for the new RV, rather than a used one has slowed progress from budget limitations. Even so, we have made some The brake controller is installed and ready! progress on this and so I need to get busy and update folks.

One of the recent projects completed was the installing of a new Prodigy brake control. By getting it from Amazon I was able to find one for $116 and it is now in and ready to travel!

The most difficult part of this was locating the connecting plug in the Kia wire-harness, as it was hidden behind one of the trip panels and taped to other wires. Once that was done it was just a matter of routing the wire and choosing a good location.

In addition we have found that the task of sorting all of the things from the motorhome into a size that fits into the new RV is a major undertaking. The choosing of just what repair materials and tools are vital with even shorter trips by RV has taken a great deal of thought and time.This should keep the awning rod handy.

I also installed a pair of hooks in the main storage bay to hole the awning hook, right above the opening on the entry side of the trailer. That should keep it readily available and with storage at a premium, maximizing it's use is critical.

Here is the before shot.Storage inside also needs some work as many of the cabinets have things inside that need separation from the various things one may wish to carry. The first cabinet altered has This job is complete.been under the stove, where the plumbing from the sink and water heater were completely open to anything that might be placed there. I made some containment walls for this purpose, and this will be an ongoing project, to be continued.