We finally are approaching having things ready to tow and try out the new RV! On Friday, April 27, we took the Kia back to Athens RV where we bought the trailer to get the hitch installed. The Borrego came with the framework and receiver already installed, but we needed to get a ball mount assembyl and also have the mount added for the sway control. As our dealer had included that in the price of the trailer, we were off to Athens.Our Borrego has a hitch!

That process took less than an hour and so we decided to run on into Athens, since we had not been there in 15 years or so and it was only a couple of miles away. Pam has been on medication for bronchitis for 10 days so we were not surprised by her cough, but she suddenly developed chest pains so severe that we made a trip to the hospital, in fear that she might be having a heart attack! As it turns out, it was actually spasms that were caused by the bronchitis, but that event was painful for her and frightening for me and the result was two days spent in Athens hospital. Despite it all, on Sat. I did complete the assembly of the hitch. Barring any more excitement, I plan to wire up the new Prodigy brake control today and our Borrego should be ready to travel!